Daily fear of radiation

How scary.

I live in between Tokyo and Yokohama, about 300km/190 miles from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Every day I worry about the effect of radiation on myself, my wife and especially my 11-month old daughter.

The biggest potential problem is food and drink. For our daughter, it’s bottled mineral water which we boil, and for us, we filter our tap water which by all accounts appears to be safe. Food is a lot trickier. We check signs and labels at supermarkets and use this site to find more details (in Japanese). I use this excellent site to check out the status of Fukushima. Finally, I check this site for airborne radiation. What a way to live!


3 thoughts on “Daily fear of radiation

  1. Have you and your wife discussed moving back, even if only temporarily, to the USA?
    Wouldn’t that be safer?
    Or would your wife have the feeling of being a traitor to her family and country , by running away from what they have to face?
    (I know, I said I wouldn’t be online, but …)
    Here in France, Fukushima, and by extension Japan and problems such as food, were on the news quite a bit, and people are in spirit with you.


    • We’ve been wanting to move to the States for a while, and the current situation makes us want to move more than ever. Making such a big move isn’t easy of course, and we’re trying to find a situation that makes financial sense. I have to finish up our school year (ends in March), but after that we’ll see. Anyone want to hire me??

      • Steve – I think Sharon is sharing what I’ve seen over a long time – many hiring managers still feel military leaders are the pre-1990s prototypical military command and control style leader. Rarely do any of us get to see to87y&#d21a;s military leaders in action with their troops, so we assume we know how they lead from A Few Good Men and Top Gun! T.

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