Heard of the ‘Facebook law’?

Missouri tried to pass a law prohibiting teachers from using social websites which let them contact their students ‘exclusively,’ such as a message or chat which only the 2 of them can see. It’s popularly known as the ‘Facebook law.’

This is an effort by concerned folks to prevent inappropriate behaviors between teachers and students, and while I can understand why the Missouri courts didn’t allow the vaguely-worded law to pass, I hope that school districts everywhere are taking serious steps to deal with this.

Inclusion is the way it should be in education. The minute you start dividing kids into groups of friends and those friends have privileges others don’t, you’ll have problems online.

And the risk of letting teachers contact students privately, or vice versa…with a few rare exceptions like when a teacher is the parent too, what teacher in their right mind would want this feature? What school administrator would want it? What PARENT? It boggles my mind that so many schools use social media like Facebook and many, many others which gives teachers and students direct and private lines to each other.

More schools really should consider using PikiFriends. I’m just sayin’. I designed it so every communication is visible by every member.


One thought on “Heard of the ‘Facebook law’?

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