Are you talking to me?

“(PikiFriends) sounds more dangerous than facebook, myspace and some of the
others. It is probably like gmail. I have no intentions of looking into it.”

This is an actual response to a blog post I wrote on Linkedin from an educator of 30+ years (according to her profile page).

Dear lady: I’ve created a free tool which safely brings many of the positive aspects of social networks to secondary schools. There’s nothing but puppy dogs and rainbows here. But hey, why should you trust me, anyway? Shoot first, ask questions later must be your motto (I see you’re a proud member of 2 groups who love guns, I couldn’t resist).

Just one click would have directed you to my Linkedin profile, which clearly states that I’m not an idiot, or a master of the dark arts or even a threat to anyone’s safety. I’m unarmed!

No big deal. It seems that my posts about PikiFriends are at times interpreted as insidious ‘marketing’ or ‘spamming’ of some product brought into existence in a basement cubicle by some out-of-touch, incompetent geek with a computer and plans to exploit minors for huge profits. Did I mention PikiFriends is free? Well, we do sell our curriculum as an option, and by the way with its purchase you thereby agree to sell your soul to Lucifer and will suffer in the furthest depths of hell for all eternity, but that’s in very small print so no one is aware until it’s too late, lol. Oh and the free version has bugs that actually embed under your skin.

I feel lots better now.


One thought on “Are you talking to me?

  1. Don’t pik (no typo) on PikiFriends! Last year, my ELD students scores jumped so high that our school has moved into Safe Harbor due to our EL subgroup mostly. No one is paying me to say this. I have used this program for two years and LOVE it; and, more importantly, the kids LOVE it and beg to be allowed to go online to use it. This program encourages meaningful activities that promote use of language to communicate with kids around the globe. Not only are students exposed to other cultures which helps build tolerance, but they are also working on communication and computer skills simultaneously. I think we can all agree that these are skills that are REQUIRED by employers in the digital age. Schools are verified and students can only be added by their teachers. Posts are also monitored and open. There are no private chats. This is a safe and fun way for students to learn. Don’t pik on Piki!

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