Lesson plan for blogging with students: Make a Contest Page

PikiFriends has a profile page called the “Contest Page.” (click image below to enlarge) Whether or not you’re using PikiFriends, read on to see how you can make your own contest blog for your students, or even have students make their own.

Every month or so on PikiFriends, a new contest question is posted on the Contest Page and more and more students take the challenge. It’s a great way to motivate students to communicate and get to know each other better.

If you’re running a blog with your students, think about adding contest questions to your own profile, or if your blogging platform allows you to, create a specific profile page for this purpose. Plus if you make one yourself, it can help to reinforce any topic or grammar point you may be working on in class. You can even have your students make one, see #4 below.

(Let PikiFriends do the work for you for free if you’re a jr/sr high school teacher.)


1) It’s harder than you might think to come up with questions that can’t easily be Googled in 5 seconds.  Try these: Something about members of the community, guessing something about a photograph, and opinion-eliciting questions about things relevant to your students’ lives.

2) Getting your own students to participate is just a homework assignment away, but getting students from outside of your school to try is tougher. You have to promote and make it as fun as you can, and/or appeal to their teachers if possible.

3) What do the winners get? On PikiFriends, although the only ‘prize’ for contest winners is a mention on the coveted “List of Contest Winners” post, the number of students participating is growing and their level of excitement along with it. Giving them recognition in the community, along with some healthy praises for all entrants, is enough.

4) Is your contest fair? Did you think carefully about the rules and state them clearly? Click the image below to see a page taken directly from the PikiFriends textbook which helps students (and teachers!) to make great contest blog posts on PikiFriends or maybe your blogging platform.


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