Lesson Plan: “Becoming Clickable” – How to take advantage of students’ desire to be popular online

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“Becoming Clickable” refers to increasing the traffic to your website. The more that people interact with your site, the more “clickable” it is. Without question, the majority of bloggers and social network users want to become as clickable as possible. “The … Continue reading

How to set up a classroom blog: 10 Essential Steps

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Running a blog with your students is about as far from a traditional teaching method as you can get, and chances are nobody taught you how to do it. That’s why teachers who blog with students are usually those nonconformists … Continue reading

Lesson plan for blogging with students: Make a Contest Page

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PikiFriends has a profile page called the “Contest Page.” (click image below to enlarge) Whether or not you’re using PikiFriends, read on to see how you can make your own contest blog for your students, or even have students make … Continue reading

Lesson plan: Quick & Easy Blogging with Students

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Yesterday I met with my high school students in our CALL room and did a worthwhile exercise using the PikiFriends blogging feature. It took me less than 5 minutes to prepare and I thought the results were excellent. I hope it’s … Continue reading