Thanks to Slice of Rice for adding “+1” to this lesson plan idea!


The PikiFriends blog offers a great method to develop online conversations through blogging. Called the A+1 Method, the process encourages quality when responding to blog posts, thus continuing the conversation.

Blogging has become a written art; bloggers create a blog post on topics of their choice, expressing their views and opinions to their readers. Comments to blog posts keep the topic alive and promote deeper understanding, new learning, and thought-provoking insight. Bloggers and commenters communicate, connect, collaborate, and share!

So, what’s A+1 commenting on blogs or in forums?

  • A = Answer the blog post or forum response
  • +1 = Add more information or Ask a question

When more information is added, or when a question is asked, blog comments and forum posts become conversational as others respond to the prompt or each other.

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For example, pick the A+1 answer for this the…

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