My band – We wanted to make sure no one outside of Japan could remember or pronounce our name, so we call ourselves “umegaoka”.

Analogue Haven – For musicians – very cool store selling very cool analog gear.

Rush – Been a huge fan of this band since I was 12.

Garaj Mahal – Ridiculously talented and groovy experimental “jam” band.

The Aquarium Rescue Unit – I saw them play many times in tiny clubs. Insane musicianship and good people, too. Oteil Burbridge is one of the greatest wonders of the universe and deserves a shrine in everyone’s home.

Archive.org – One of the best places on the web.

Jeff Bridges.com – Great actor, brilliant website.

Bits and Pieces – For a quick laugh that’s SFW, updated often.

Atomic Power Review – Intelligent blog about nuclear power in the world today.

Elllo.org – A great resource for ESL podcasts which I use in my high school classes.

Prezi – A great alternative to PowerPoint.


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