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YouTube Videos

Introduction to PikiFriends

The PikiFriends Curriculum

What makes PikiFriends SAFE for Schools

PikiFriends Features for Students

PikiFriends Features for Teachers

Help Files

How to Use PikiFriends (English)

How to Use PikiFriends (日本語)

For Teachers – To use w/ students before they log in!

1.1 Where’s the Danger (from workbook)

1.2 Being Friendly (from workbook)

PikiFriends Point 1: Be Safe (from textbook)

PikiFriends Point 2: Be Kind, Be Friendly (from textbook)

2.1 About Me (from workbook)

5.1 Create a Blog (from workbook)

PikiFriends curriculum

PikiFriends Student Guide textbook sample

PikiFriends textbook, eBook version for purchase


“Teachers First” review

A Teacher’s Testimonial

Piki on Curriki (nice rhyme!)

Piki Community

on Linkedin

on Facebook

on Twitter

The PikiFriend flyer to share with colleagues

PikiFriends e-flyer

need to know more?  Email me at jeffreydionne <at> me <dot> com


5 thoughts on “PikiFriends stuff

  1. Been trying to open my school organizer account info but all I keep getting is countless annoying “survey request”.

    I now know how you generate money but still, what of my “free and safe” school blog account?

    How do I get into the Backstage and Teacher’s area if the site won’t let me get past these “surveys”?

    • Sorry for the late reply. Not sure what “surveys” you’re referring to. The site has been down for a few weeks, but otherwise there should have been no impediments to business as usual. And for the record, we haven’t made any money in a long time!

      • Several months later…
        Hipolito, I have no idea why you experienced some kind of survey popup, there has never been any kind of thing associated with PikiFriends, and of the hundreds of schools and thousands of users this is the first time I am hearing of it. It may be some kind of bug, virus or some setting on your end that caused it to happen. PikiFriends is run by me and me only, and there has been no income besides textbook sales EVER, on that you have my word. I am an administrator at Ashley Hall school in Charleston, South Carolina and I am not interested in using this tool in any way other than an authentic communication platform for the purposes of education, and if I do not make any money from this at all, I am perfectly comfortable with that.
        For the record.

      • I`m currently reading Fire and enjoying it imse!melyn! I finished Graceling a couple of day ago and I loved it!! Kristen, you are now on my fav. author list along with Meg Gail Carson Levine and Tamora Pierce.

      • He ido a este restaurante 3 veces, una cena de 4 parejas, con mi pareja a cenar y a comer el mismo menú que vosotros, el de 20€.. Y no vuelvo más, MUY decepcionada con la comida, los makis especiales son gigantescos, así es imposible degustarlos, no nos trajeron el wasabi y tuve que atraer la atención de los camareros varias veces hasta que me hicieron caso y 20min después trajeron el wasabi,la atención pésima. He estado en el Shibui Barcelona y no es así.Precio injustificable.

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